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Nora at The Mel Robbins Show in New York City

It was fantastic getting to see @melrobbins and her new show @melrobbinsshow being taped right now at @cbstv in NYC 📺🎥 Mel has been an inspiration to me from her courses, her keynote speaking engagements, TED talks and her book #54321 📕 I am so excited for an even a greater positive impact she can have on daytime 📺 Be sure to tune in on 9/16/19 and catch some of her practical, tactical and straightforward advice from being a mom, wife, speaker, coach, author and now a daytime talk show host! Go get ‘em Mel! Thank you for the difference you’ve made in my life and my family’s life! My friend @vivianinc and I had such a fun time yesterday and this video from Vivian captures our excitement. 🎬❤️🙏✌️👌🥰 #melrobbinsshow #54321 #melrobbins #melrobbinslive